Monday, 3rd May – 2017 (Donald Mitchell Innes Update)

Hello everyone, Donald Mitchell Innes here.

Just giving you all an update on whats going on in my life. I am currently at the peak of my physical performance, it means nobody can best me in hand-to-hand combat. I have been training to become a warrior my whole life (Not a in a weird way, just adopting practices & disciplines etc).

I have begun training in the gym up to 3 times a week and have been trying to do cardio alot more than I could. I don’t know if I will change my diet or not.

This is the perfect day to begin living.


Donald Mitchell Innes V2

Hello everybody

Welcome to Donald Mitchell Innes volume 2. This is the part where the rap breaks down it gets real intense noone makes a sound. Eminem anyone?

I’ve always ¬†been fascinated about those people that could break certain event sbefore they happened. I always wondered if it was all true or if they somehow know that the things actually were going to happen before they did. Some people say Donald Mitchell Innes WILLIS is a person who can predict things. I can almost certainly say I am not.

I couldn’t even predict my own birthday the day before it.

Donald Mitchell Innes OAMPS

Hello guys.

Just wondering what everyone is up to? I can’t remember if I posted this before or not. Sometimes I get too sloppy when I jot em.

Donald Mitchell-Innes World of Warcraft (King)

Hello everyone, Donald Mitchell-Innes here

I know that you know that I know that I am a proud canadian WOW player. I recently got very involved in PvP. Here are my gripes about the game:

-It is all 1 dimensional

-Melee Train is real

-Every class has great CC (WHY?)

Any more you can think of ? Let me know.

Any book recommendations?

Hello Everyone,

Donald Mitchell Innes here.


Anyone have any good book recommendations? I’m looking for things to do with money & investing for your future. I am currently reading this:

Anyone know anything like it? When I am finished I will give you my review.

Monday Afternoon

Hello everyone, Donald Mitchell Innes here

What are you all thinking about? I have decided to continue my pursuits of becoming a master archer. I am really good. I want to know what your hobby is?


Sunday Afternoon

Hello everyone. Donald Mitchell Innes here.

It is a nice quiet, Sunday afternoon and I went out hiking today. I can’t believe that I get to view and live nature every single day. It is a dream.

Hope you are all doing well. Donald Mitchell Innes out

Very busy

Hello everyone,

Donald Mitchell-Innes here!

Recently I have been very busy. I have been crafting wooden furniture from scratch and by scratch, I mean gathering everything. I have been chopping wood, sanding, crafting etc from scratch!

I have some pictures coming for you all. Donald Mitchell-Innes out!