Sunday Afternoon

Hello everyone. Donald Mitchell Innes here.

It is a nice quiet, Sunday afternoon and I went out hiking today. I can’t believe that I get to view and live nature every single day. It is a dream.

Hope you are all doing well. Donald Mitchell Innes out

Very busy

Hello everyone,

Donald Mitchell-Innes here!

Recently I have been very busy. I have been crafting wooden furniture from scratch and by scratch, I mean gathering everything. I have been chopping wood, sanding, crafting etc from scratch!

I have some pictures coming for you all. Donald Mitchell-Innes out!

Website Picture Ideas

Hello Everyone,

Donald Mitchell-Innes here!

I have been looking for some pictures for my website. Maybe a header and some background images. Does anyone have any suggestions. Please email me at

I will reply straight away. Thank you

My twitter: Donald Mitchell-Inne


Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Donald Mitchell Innes. I am a Canadian. Love Travel. Love food. Love Beer. Love Animals.

I am setting this blog up to just share my thoughts on the world and how I see it.

I hope you all are doing well.  I will post bi-daily. I love that word, Bi.


Donald Mitchell Innes